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Instructions: To apply online for Letters of verification/confirmation of results as an Individual, You must have the requirements below. (Note: upload pdf, jpg, jpeg or png files) A) An Introduction Letter from the Former School addressed to the Executive Secretary, UNEB. B) A Valid Identity Card C) A Letter from Police, in case of loss or damage of Slip/Certificate. D) The Payment is 50,000 Ugx for an Ordinary Letter, 100,000 Ugx for a Hard Card that serves as substitute for a Certificate and 300,000 Ugx for Political/Special Verification documents. (Payable Through Airtel/MTN Mobile Money or Bank Deposits) Note: Application on behalf of another, Authorization Letter and Identity Document from the Candidate is Required. Note: Maximum upload file size is 2MB!, Make Image File's Size Smaller before Upload. (esp. Pics taken by Phones)
Conditions for Issuing a Hard-Card Letter; In case of a loss of a Certificate and Upon Special Request e.g. from Organizations abroad or Uganda Nurses &Midwifery

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UNEB has only PTC Results for years (From 1991 -to- 1998); (In case you want PTC Results otherthan for years (from 1991 -to- 1998), please go to Kyambogo University (Former -ITEK)!)

UNEB has only Compentcy Test Results for years (From 1995 -to- 1998)!

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For PLE/PTC LVR Applications -We accept Single Submissions (In case you want to apply for another level (UCE/UACE) you apply separately!)

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Full Address and Title where the Letter(s) is(are) Required/Addressed to
(NOTE: In case of loss or a replacement, the letter is addressed to the HEADTEACHER, former School)
  e.g The Executive Director

If Applying on Behalf of Another Attach:

I affirm that UNEB will not be held liable for any consquences that may result due to the Letters of Verification Issuing, and that the organization or the person or the institution receiving the Letters of Verification undertakes to hold UNEB harmless against any actions that may arise